days of the week are HARD.

I knew it was Wednesday today. I knew storytime is on Thursday. Why then did I go the library today, Wednesday, for Thursday's storytime?

Storytime and lunch

Badger and I went out today with a friend and her new 8 week old baby. Baby V is extraordinarily cute and squishy and if I'd held her I'm sure I'd be pining for a third pregnancy. My husband rightly points out that I can't have baby fever WHILE WE HAVE A BABY. It was so nice to spend time with this new mom and I do envy that she gave birth at the local midwife center -- and that as a vbac I wouldn't have been able to. It sounds like she had a wonderful experience and did a fantastic job. Did I mention that Baby V has tons of hair, big eyes, and looks like her dad, but pretty? Swoon.

Badger was in high spirits too and got lots of oohs and aahs from the ladies at Panera. He's getting downright charming these days with his smiles and his sticking out of the tongue and relentless kissing of mommy. I can't even bore you, interweb, with any more details about his sleep. I'll let ya know when he sleeps through the night. But it's getting better, suffice to say.