Breastfeeding while Pregnant

Crunchy Domestic Goddess as a recent post onBreastfeeding While Pregnant. I found this really interesting and relevant, not only because my current client just weaned her youngest child during this pregnancy...

... but additionally ...

I'm currently breastfeeding while pregnant :) We're expecting in early-mid January 2009! Had my first midwife appointment this past Monday and everything is as it should be. Looking forward to an absolutely boring pregnancy! I'll be making an "official" announcement at my doula service's picnic next month but I couldn't wait. So if any H&H doulas are reading... please act surprised, lol!

It's not that I have nothing to say...

The past month or so has really taken it out of me! I haven't been able to string together 2 thoughts, doula-ish or otherwise. I do want to say a belated Happy Mother's Day to all those who mother and mother-the-mother, and who have from time to time, mothered yours truly.

We had a great visit in Nevada with the inlaws. I wish they didn't live so dang far away. My husband and I even got to go on THREE dates -- two movies and one overnight at the casinos. I totally dominated the penny slots. The kids had an amazing time. Really fun! So that was 2 weeks.

After we got back, Badger's 18 month well child checkup came along. Everything's great except for the lack of speech, so I've been on the phone during waking hours arranging visits with Early Intervention. We had his initial intake visit on Friday and it feels good to get the ball rolling. I have a feeling that once we know how to approach whatever is causing the delay, things will fall into place quickly.

Chim is extremely 3 years old. She is at one moment such a sweet young girl who loves us and the next moment an absolute demon sent from hell to destroy me. Regardless of her attitude, she sure does look cute while she's making me insane.

I have a client due in early June, and we're having our final prenatal meeting(s) on Tuesday. She suggested combining the prenatal visit with her care provider and our final meeting, since the price of gas is $3.79 a gallon (YIKES). She's really a lovely woman and I'm looking forward to working with her!

My husband may take a well-deserved fishing trip during my on-call time so hopefully my parents can come for a visit. Which will mean lots of cleaning on my part.

And that is nearly all our news. Hopefully the second half of May will find me posting much more.