About that VBAC Calculator

Last year I wrote about a VBAC Calculator. I know that it uses evidence-based research, and the VBA2C mom I attended this week did use the score from the calculator as a piece of the picture when she was making her decision to VBAC or to have a repeat C-section.

But her score was not high. In fact, it was low.

And she had a perfectly normal, healthy birth.

I really do understand that statistics is a very important part of health care. I know that it makes me batty when I hear people, when presented with a large study about the benefits of breastfeeding say, "OK well I formula fed my child and he's absolutely perfect!" Because I know that that's not what the study was saying! I guess my point is, this can be an example of a family consulting with and gathering input from their birth team of ob/gyns, midwives, and her doula (hi!!!), and making a decision that they felt would give them the best chance of a positive, healthy outcome.

a few firsts today!

In the past 12 hours I have had 2 doula "firsts."

#1 -- helping welcome a little girl into the world as her mom had a VBA2C! My first vaginal birth after cesarean that I've attended as a doula.... and this is after 2 cesareans to boot! You're an AWESOME mama, A., and welcome to the world Baby S.!!!

and #2 -- my first time as a doula who has been recommended by a past client. What a special honor!

Not a bad half day or so on the doula front!