Do your Kegels!

In case the title isn't enough to warn you... this might be a bit TMI here!

A trip to the midwife today set my mind generally at ease. I was very worried that I was beginning to have some uterine prolapse problems but as it turns out, I'm not, or if I am, it's so minor as to be well within the range of where the uterus should be. Instead it seems to be a bit of bladder prolapse -- which for some reason is not nearly as depressing to me. Well, I know why -- my first thought was, "what if we can't have more kids!?" and that scared the shit out of me. I know that even if it was a bit of prolapse of the uterus that wouldn't prevent more kids, but it would be another factor -- and between the c-section scar, my age, and just our craziness in general, well, I have enough factors! So I'm relieved.

Mr. Midwife thinks that being persistent and consistent with Kegels will do the trick, and if there's not an improvement in a month or two, that I should consider physical therapy just to make sure I'm doing them correctly.

So, it really made me think more about whether I want more kids. And I do. I think. We like having kids -- and our kids are really terrific so I guess we're pretty good at it!

This is why we don't leave the house.

So we went to our friends' house. The dads were going to take care of the kids while the moms went to a movie. Simple enough. I pack enough food and milk for Badger to last for a week, and L. and I head to the movie (No Reservations). About 2/3 of the way through I get a phone call from Mr. Sweetie: Chim's elbow has been dislocated -- again -- and he doesn't know where the insurance card is (for the record it is IN HIS WALLET, although he did the right thing because I'd have been upset if he took her to the hospital without me). L. and I have to cut our date short and leave the movie. At least we're pretty sure it had a happy ending in which what's her face and what's his name end up together.

Off we go to Passavant (aka, Passaway... it's sort of an old-persons hospital, kwim?) Chim peed all over the ER waiting room, and we had to put a pair of "special sleepytime panties" (Pull Ups, for those playing at home). Thankfully we did because we waited FOREVER to see the doc, and another forever to be discharged, and she went a few times in that 90 minutes. She did NOT like it. I was worried she'd have a setback but she's been using the potty like a champ since then.

Her elbow is now fine -- it's shocking how quickly it's fixed and then she's back to normal within a minute. She's such a cool kid. And we went to Qdoba last night because we were supposed to have dinner at the friends' house (we told her to wait til AFTER dinner next time!) and by the time we left Passaway, it was about an hour and a half after bedtime and we were famished, and Momma ain't cooking after this evening.

The upside? After all the excitement, Badger slept through the night -- period. Not one squawk.

Potty training what what what???

It is actually going really rather well! Chim informed me on Monday of this week after her nap that she didn't want a diaper, and since then, she's gone on the potty at school a bunch (she had only 3 accidents the past 2 days) and at home 5 times (twice tonight!). For the first time, she completed a potty chart and got a reward -- a pair of Good Luck Bear socks. We each have a Good Luck Bear, but mine is from the 80s and hers from this century. As she put on her socks, she pointed out which was Mommy's and which was hers. What a sweet kid. The only way I could love this girl more is if she stops urinating on my floors ;)

Back to the blog.

It's been a while. Things have been crazy, or more to the point, I have.

We've gone on a few trips -- to see the inlaws, to the National Zoo, to visit my fam. My brother and his wife have been having some drama, and as much as I love my mom, she's getting pretty batty lately, and a lot of memories from my past have made me really take a good look at our relationship. Mr. Sweetie's been very busy at work, Badger is still waking up at night (and he has 4 teeth, all on the bottom!), and Chim Chim decided just yesterday that it's time to potty train (my house smells like a pet store right now), and I suspect I'm having some female problems. I also missed a chance to go to my first birth as a doula... my career as which we've had to re-evaluate whether it fits well into my family's life. Oh, and a 100-foot-tree fell on our house.

All of which have made me feel pretty crappy emotionally and I've started going to counselling. I need to figure my shit out, proto.