Homebirth today!

It went well! Fast, but well. She started contractions around 430am. I got the call around 6am and I was there by 8am (it was an hour away and I had to rouse Chim and Badger out of bed and get them to daycare. There was also a vehement argument from Chim about what shoes she was going to wear). I called around 745 to let them know I was around the corner and she'd just been checked at 3cm. I got there, midwife checks again around 815 and she was 6cm. By 9am she had just an anterior lip and she was pushing by 915. Baby Girl Z was born at 10:38am!

Healthy baby, strong mama, loving dad, great midwife, awed doula!

Due date, shmue date.

Now, I know that when I see the words "due date" I should think "due MONTH." But the waiting is HARD! I can do the prenatals, I can do the 1am phone calls and mad dash the hospital, I can even do the child care tango with my husband. I didn't think it would be so hard to sit. And wait. And get more and more nervous as my 11/27 client isn't in labor, and my 12/3 client who had some "practice" labor last week has stopped having contractions... so I'm back to two births waiting to happen and just hoping they do not happen at the same time!

My 11/27 client is a homebirth who is an hour away. I do not have a backup for her! I want to be there because I don't want her without doula support, and hell, I want to be at a homebirth! What a rare and wonderful opportunity for a beginning doula!

My 12/3 client is set to give birth at the local birth center... as long as she doesn't have her baby before 12/1, when her insurance begins covering the birth center. Otherwise she'll be having a birth at the hospital, but with the wonderful midwives nonetheless. I feel very close to this client and I really want to be there to support her, although my backup for this birth is really fantastic and I'd feel 100% confident putting my client's support into these capable and experienced hands.

So keep your fingers crossed, internets!!! May I please be at both births... with maybe a nice nap in between?

...and a new light emerges.

Happy Birthday, Baby C! Your Mom is incredibly strong and gave you the gift of a loving and gentle birth. Your Dad was so supportive and watchful and loving to your Mom during labor. Thank you, S. family, for letting me be part of your beautiful, natural, awesome birthday!


A light's gone out.

I just learned that a good friend passed away, leaving two beautiful daughters and a husband who she deeply loved. I can't think of a time when she wasn't gracious, grateful, smart, sexy, loving, FUNNY, creative, beautiful, and kind.

Becky, we love you and we miss you already.


I'm sure the nine people who check out my blog (and you know I love every last one of you ;) ) must assume that I have been busy doing labor support, or else why would I not blog for nearly 2 weeks? Dear madams and sirs, I have not. I have just been plain lazy/sick/busy with prenatals.

I am now waiting for my 11/15 client to hop on into labor. She and her husband are sweet as pie and clearly made for each other. I just love my prenatal visits. Seeing the ripple of a wee foot across mom's belly. Hearing a heartbeat at a prenatal visit at the birth center. Learning a family's history as a soon to be grandmother talks about her own births. It's such an honor to be part of these special times in people's lives!!!