DONA certification application!

I just got back from a breastfeeding class at West Penn, taught by Bob Monteverde, IBCLC. And you all know what THAT means. Oh wait, you don't? Well. That means that my DONA certification application is COMPLETE. I am making copies of everything and mailing that sucker tomorrow morning. Only took, what, a year and a half? Badger was 3 months at my doula training, and he's now 21 months. So yeah. A long time! Please keep your fingers crossed my application is accepted!

Welcome Baby M!

A lovely, hard-earned birth yesterday. We were in one of the two new LDRs at Magee. I have to say, the inclusion of the poorly-executed jacuzzi tubs was a nice thought, but not anything to write home about.

Three-hour second stage -- dang, that's so exhausting and frustrating for mamas! The very-patient midwife (seriously, she was 100% positive and reassuring and encouraging) said that one of many things she would change about childbirth education curricula is to emphasize that especially with first-time vaginal births, a 2, 3, or 4 hour second stage is not out of the range of normal.

Congrats to E. and D. on their lovely, beautiful daughter... with one beautiful name for each our of pushing!

Goodbye to Randy Pausch

An Enduring Legacy

Very sad today to learn that Randy Pausch has passed away. Since his Last Lecture, I'm sure we've all thought about how we live our best days. I have found myself frequently thinking of both him and my friend Becky, passed away all too soon last fall, when I feel so heavy with the weight of things they would love to be burdened with -- potty training trials, temper tantrums in the grocery store, and other every-day challenges.

I thank him and his family for sharing part of their time together. I am a better wife, mother, friend for it. I hope they can feel the love and good thoughts of so many millions surrounding them during this difficult time.

Karen Sharif, International Doula

Welcome to the world Baby Girl J., born on the other side of the world! Our good friends K. and M. welcomed their daughter early this morning, our time. I know they're 12 hours different but I don't know if it's before or after... how sad is that!? I feel really flattered that M. and K. thought to call and get advise about when to go to the hospital, interventions, etc. It was a long, hard labor for K. and she did a great job. Unfortunately after pushing for a while, they had to go to a cesarean birth. Glad to report that Mom and Baby are doing well! I cannot wait to see pictures, I hear she is just beautiful... clearly favoring her mother ;)

Congratulations guys, and I just wish I could've been there in person!

(for those playing at home, this makes 2 members of our wedding party in 2 weeks to have baby girls. M-A, Kareem, Tim, and Alex, you guys are next on the list!)

Welcome Baby M!

Not a client, but my dear, dear friend had her beautiful little girl! This is one lucky baby with really terrific parents!

Congratulations J & T!!!

Guess whose hard drive got fried?


Stop what you are doing and back up your work. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Fortunately I am back with a new hard drive and hope to start blogging again soon.

Goodbye June!

And good riddance! June was not my favorite month of my life and I'm very happy to see July here. I'm feeling better these days.

I am happy to have two clients due in August! I'm excited to get back to work although I will appreciate the time off (well, I'll be busy with prenatals!) this July in the meantime.