I got a haircut!

It's short, y'all. 13 inches off and donated to Locks of Love. And now I have a mom cut! I will see how it looks when I straighten it out but as of now it's a bit poufy and I was hoping for something a little bit more cool and modern.

Beautiful weather!

Yesterday and today, the temperature was in the 60s. I took the kids to the zoo on Tuesday and Chim was pretty good! She loves to watch the penguins under the water. She was glaringly unimpressed with the polar bears, and she wanted to see a black one. We saw the baby tiger cubs and they're GIGANTIC. And oh so cute. Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium really is a nice little place. Badger did very well and didn't cry in his stroller this time and I'm looking forward to his being able to enjoy it more!!!

And today Badger and I went to Target to replace a lamp that his destructo-sister broke in her room yesterday. He was terrific in the store, but he has reached the point in infancy where the world is more fascinating than eating... and Lookie Loos don't get milky in Target. I swear I've flashed so many people the past few days. Oh, and he didn't latch on correctly because he wasn't paying attention... and now I have a hickey on my areola.

He's sleeping moderately better since a friend encouraged me to give gas drops a try. I hope that we can get him to sleep better -- he's such a happier guy when he sleeps. And I'm much happier too. I hate that I'm not a great mom when I'm exhausted. I cry when I get tired. Yesterday as I was walking with Chim, and she asked to be carried, I cried a little. She said, "Mommy's sad. It's OK, Mommy." And she gave me a hug. I was so proud that she was so compassionate but horrified that I put her in that position. That's not a fair thing for a mom to do to a toddler.

Potty training has sorta stalled...

ChimChim has been going potty less and less frequently. She's been soaking her night-time diaper so I got her the next size up diaper... size 5. That's as high as they go, people. I made a sticker-reward chart for her potty training and I think I scared her. I hope she didn't feel intimidated or pressured or anything like that. She had TWO terrible diapers today, the second one while we were out shopping and she ended up wearing my shirt because she soiled her clothes, and maybe I made her feel bad. I hope not. I'd rather change her diapers forever than for her to feel even a little bad about herself. She's my favorite little Chim.

I did it! I left the kids for a few hours.

And it was fine. We had a waaaaay early morning, and Mr. Badger was a little feverish from his shots yesterday (although he DID sleep like 6 hours last night, which was nice) -- so I didn't know if I would go, considering that the kids were a bit punchy.

But I did, and the kids were fine, and Mr. Sweetie cleaned house and made dinner. I got some things to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe from the pruning I did yesterday -- although I didn't find any long sleeve Ts or shoes I liked. I ended up getting a lot of stuff for the kids, of course.

I definitely would like to take more Saturday afternoons off. It all turned out pretty well!

Healthy little Badger

Today was Badger's 4 month well baby check up. He's doing just fine and he is growing like a champ. He's doubled his birthweight -- as well he should, seeing as how the dude eats every 3 hours around the clock. He has eczema and cradle cap, which as my new line of thinking goes, might be what's waking him up (whatever... I'm just grasping at straws at this point!). But the skin being less than wonderful is the only thing that wasn't just right. I'm delighted. Hell, we're just thrilled the kid has a head.

Tomorrow I am going out alone, with no kids and no husband. I'm going shopping and not have to keep track of anyone but myself. This is a very big deal for me. I literally can't remember the last time that I've done this. Except for a 10-minute trip to Rite Aid to get Drano or Children's Tylenol or something like that... which is not as much fun as shopping for clothes.

Speaking of clothes, I swapped out the maternity clothes for my real clothes, and I didn't end up keeping most of the real clothes. They're all from when I worked in an office and I hope to never do that again. And besides, I now have these gigantic nursing momma melons and I can't fit in those tops anymore.