Cars. Hate hate hate them!!!

It's insane what horrible luck we have with cars. We have a 2000 Ford Windstar (shut up -- it's good to have the extra room) and a 2000 Honda Civic (which will be paid off in September -- woot.). The oxygen sensor on the Ford (the bit that measures the oxygen/fuel ratio) was fritzing out for a while, but our awesome mechanic has been putting mini-fixes on it since May of last year. He said, though, that when the check engine light comes on AND our fuel economy takes a turn for the worse, it's time to bring it in. So it did. And then the following Thursday, the tire was flat. Freakin' great.

So we switch the carseats to the Civic. Ah, the trusty, sturdy, Civic. My husband drove Chim to daycare, and at the end of the day I hop in the car to pick her up. And guess what. Check Engine. Check this, dude. I see that the old bitch is due for an oil change in about 500 miles so we're hoping that it's just the oil and fluids need to be changed. But the smell is a little terrifying.

Just to emphasize... we have no vehicle. We went from two vehicles to zero in 7 hours. Not cool. My birthday shopping trip is postponed because our awesome mechanic can't fit us in until Tuesday. Which is today.

We bring the Honda in and you will never guess what needs to be replaced. Goddamn oxygen sensors. On both vehicles, this is what needs to be replaced. We paid half of what is owed on the Honda on repairs today. Fucking great.

There's no real point to this. I am extra cranky today. I did have a good day with the kids -- until about 4pm when I was starting dinner, Badger was crying because the dear had hardly slept at all, and Chim doesn't see why the floor of our galley kitchen is a terrible place to color. And then she starts crying. And then Badger starts crying harder. And everything is very, very loud. But I got Badger to take a little naplet while we ate, so he was OK until his bedtime.

Now both kids are in bed, and I'm trying to wind down by catching up on some TV.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the Ukranian or Armenian or whatever (not like their accents reflect on anything except they're stupid) cousins on The Amazing Race? Hate them more than I hate our Ford. Hate them more than Boston Rob. Maybe TV wasn't the best relaxation strategy???

Badger and the Bottle

We really waited too long to get him on the bottle. I have about 200 ounces of breastmilk in the freezer and I'm sure it'll all go down the drain. Like 4 precious ounces did yesterday...

My husband was trying to give him a bottle, 4 1/2 ounces of mommy milk. Hard-gotten mommy milk, needless to say. He had about 1/2 ounce and then said, Screw you! Yup. 4 months old and listen to the mouth on this kid already!

I couldn't bear to just dump it down the drain. So I put it in a sippy cup for ChimChim, who said, "Is wadder," and handed it back to me with a look of disdain. For someone who eats crayons, she's awfully selective.

So down the drain it went. We'll try the bottle again today.

Go me, Go me, It's my birthday, It's my birthday...

So it's that day. I'm 33 -- which means Brother T is 41 today, so that makes things brighter for me today. I'm not a big birthday girl. I love ChimChim's birthday and I'm sure I'll love Badger's too, but birthdays for grownups seem a little silly.

My husband told me to put cake ingredients on our grocery list so "we" could make a cake for tonight. I wonder who this mysterious "we" might be? I feel like Henny Penny sometimes.

I was going to go shopping to celebrate this weekend but our cars are both fritzing. I have several gift cards for Target burning a hole in my pocket but I just can't clothes shop with the kids. Of course they're demanding -- they're children! So my husband was going to watch BOTH kids. At the same time. At home. By himself (well, maybe recruit one of his friends for backup). Badger is not so in love with the bottle (another post altogether), so this would've been interesting. But as it is, we have another week at least to get him to take nourishment from something that is not ME.

Good days and bad days...

So yesterday was a 'bad' day. My little Badger doesn't sleep through the night, which is fine. Fine fine fine. It's ideal but I can handle it most days. But yesterday? The child would. Not. Nap. I tried to put him down for naps at least 5 times... and he slept for maybe an hour all told! I was cranky and exhausted, and I was in good company. I wish he was more consistent and happier.

I feel so lost with this dear child some times. I had such a challenging pregnancy with him, and we are so delighted that he is here, and whole, and safe. Then I had a wonderful, unmedicated, vbac to bring him into the world. And now he has had such a challenging infancy! Now, ChimChim... she had an ideal pregnancy, the labor from hell, and a perfectly wonderful infancy. I think I could have a dozen kids and still not figure these little weirdos out!

Macs are shiny.

I am using a new MacBook that my husband had to get for testing purpose for work and man is it shiny and pretty. All the interfaces are so swooshy. I think I am in love.

My Freeform Day

I used to have a fairly strict schedule for myself when I was childless and even when I was a new mom to Chim. Now that we've added Badger and Chim goes to daycare/preschool 3 days a week, I'm much more laid back and even though I don't get much done, I think it's OK. It's weird to think that 4 years ago, I probably would've been to the gym first thing, scarfed breakfast, took a train to work, killed myself in my cubicle, and would've just been done eating lunch at my desk by 1pm.

Here's what I've done today:
1. Fed Badger. Many times.
2. Watched "Ellen" I taped yesterday
3. Assembled the Exersaucer
4. Did dishes
5. Sterilized pacifiers
6. Sterilized humidifier
7. Put Badger down for 2 of 3 naps
8. Noticed we're nearly out of bread
9. Surfed the web and my message boards.

What I plan to do yet today:
1. Bake bread so I don't have to go out and buy it
2. Feed Badger. Many times.
3. Pick Chim up from daycare -- today is her rescheduled Valentine's Day party (it was postponed due to snow last week) and I want to grab any chokerific candy before she gets it
4. Get dressed. Hopefully before I pick up the kiddo at daycare. I don't want to be *that mom.*
5. Move the thank you notes to the living room so I have any chance of writing them. Yes, thank you notes for gifts received upon the birth of my son, 4 months ago. Leave me alone about it.

Doula Training

I'm currently training to be a certified labor doula, and I signed up today to attend some childbirth education classes as an observer. It should be interesting -- I've not taken a hospital class and it'll be beneficial to see what most women in the area learn. I've taken my main doula training already... it was a pretty exhausting 2 days, with Badger in tow. Other than the CBE classes, I need to attend 3 births and various other requirements and then I can be a certified doula.

I'm looking forward to Badger being big enough that I can leave him at home for 36 or so hours. Because that probably means he's sleeping through the night and taking a bottle... which he's 0 for 2 at now!

Being a doula is a path I was set on while preparing for Badger's VBAC. I felt like such a success after that experience and it would be an honor to help others feel the same way.

Wonderful sleepy time

Both kids are asleep. At the same time. While the sun is up. This wonderful time usually lasts about 15 minutes.

And, predictably... it's just ended.

Another difference between ChimChim and Badger... ChimChim would only go to sleep after being nursed down, and lately, Badger would much rather we set him in the crib, turn on the mobile, and leave him alone already. I know that all kids are different. It just astonishes me that these children have been completely opposites at each and every turn. But I guess that's another story.

So I guess I have a blog now!

I've so gone over to the dark side. I just wanted to post a comment on my friend Ted's blog, and I ended up here. Faaaaaantastic. Is *this* how everyone starts blogging? I asked ChimChim what I should call my blog and she said "Purple Sock Ju-Ju." At least, I think that's what she said.