Back in the saddle

At the urging of some folks... I'm baaaaack! I'll be honest, guys... I got all caught up in the elections and, well, you know how happy I was about the Obama victory. Turns out that we're going to be contributing to the OBAMA BABY BOOM. I am due at the end of July/beginning of August!

So, what with the first trimester narcolepsy and since I mentally sort of insulated myself from birth news (not sure why... I think I just wanted to enjoy a really boring first trimester, which all in all, I have), I didn't have a ton to say! I also took off a bit of time off from doula-ing for traveling during the holidays (to Connecticut for Thanksgiving and Nevada for Christmas/New Years), and I discretely mentioned to our fearless leader, Jan Mallak, that I was in the family way again, so she didn't schedule me for births given my previous miscarriage (she wanted to give me a chance to take it easy).

Just a few little items...

We're still excited about Ina May Gaskin's coming to our conference on March 28th. You can visit Heart and Hands to download the brochure. It'll be a great day!

Chim-Chim is going on 4 1/2 and really awesome. She's a blast and she just made a Valentine's Card for Barack Obama. That's my girl! She's enjoying preschool and her ponies and princess toys.

Badger is going on 2 1/2 and he's doing super well, especially with his speech. He is putting words together and using adjectives and verbs -- which I must say is better than either of his parents can muster before 9am any given day. Oddly enough, he can identify most letters of the alphabet. Even though he's doing very well with his speech we're going whole hog and adding in another hour of therapy to aggressively try and get him to level. He loves choo-choos and he's on a big puzzle kick lately.

This pregnancy has been treating me pretty well. After 1st trimester bleeding with Badger and the miscarriage this summer, I'm thrilled to be having a healthy pregnancy. An ultrasound around 11 weeks showed a lovely heartbeat, which we heard again at the midwife's office on Inauguration Day.

So, I promise to try to be a better blogger!!!