This is why we don't leave the house.

So we went to our friends' house. The dads were going to take care of the kids while the moms went to a movie. Simple enough. I pack enough food and milk for Badger to last for a week, and L. and I head to the movie (No Reservations). About 2/3 of the way through I get a phone call from Mr. Sweetie: Chim's elbow has been dislocated -- again -- and he doesn't know where the insurance card is (for the record it is IN HIS WALLET, although he did the right thing because I'd have been upset if he took her to the hospital without me). L. and I have to cut our date short and leave the movie. At least we're pretty sure it had a happy ending in which what's her face and what's his name end up together.

Off we go to Passavant (aka, Passaway... it's sort of an old-persons hospital, kwim?) Chim peed all over the ER waiting room, and we had to put a pair of "special sleepytime panties" (Pull Ups, for those playing at home). Thankfully we did because we waited FOREVER to see the doc, and another forever to be discharged, and she went a few times in that 90 minutes. She did NOT like it. I was worried she'd have a setback but she's been using the potty like a champ since then.

Her elbow is now fine -- it's shocking how quickly it's fixed and then she's back to normal within a minute. She's such a cool kid. And we went to Qdoba last night because we were supposed to have dinner at the friends' house (we told her to wait til AFTER dinner next time!) and by the time we left Passaway, it was about an hour and a half after bedtime and we were famished, and Momma ain't cooking after this evening.

The upside? After all the excitement, Badger slept through the night -- period. Not one squawk.


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