Meet The Doula Night

On Thursday I went to Magee Women's Hospital's Meet the Doula night. I should've posted about this BEFORE the event, but just so you know, there's another one coming up on May 19th at Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh!

It was fun! There were some community-based doulas and doulas employed by Magee, and the two private doula agencies, Heart and Hands (the agency I am working through) and the other agency in Pittsburgh ;)

We had a nice hour or so talking about what a doula does or doesn't do, when in pregnancy to hire a doula, what if you're not sure you don't want an epidural, etc. There was such a level of respect between the "competing" doulas -- there sure is enough work to go around and we'd rather see another doula be hired than for a woman who wants a doula, not have one.


kris said...

that is so cool! i wish we would have something like that around here. maybe there has been, but i never hear about any of them. i agree, you want the women to have doulas b4 you compete. the one in my town that i met is great, we have become each others back ups:)

the headaches are minimal this week. it's tuesday and i haven't taken any painkillers since saturday i think. it's a good week:)

i didn't know your daughter came up juju! i always wanted to ask but never did, that would be hard to tear away from, it's sooo cute!

Karen said...

The childbirth education coordinator was the moderator/host; maybe you could call whatever local hospital in your area and ask if there's something like that, and if not, you should suggest it!

Yup, I asked my girl what I should call my blog and being a typical 2 year old at the time, she said something that made no sense :)

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