Been slacking!

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the preschooler who makes her way into our bed at night, maybe it's our upcoming trip to the inlaws but I've been sort of blah on the blog. So here are some updates!

What's been going on with our family...
Not too much with me and the hubby. We're looking forward to our trip to see the inlaws and maybe take an overnight trip without the kids.
We've been working with Badger to get him to start talking and we wonder if he is saying more words than we realize, it's just difficult to understand. We're looking forward to his next well child checkup so we can perhaps move forward in getting him evaluated for a delay. Other than that... he's awesome -- a funny, sweet, curious, nearly year-and-a-half old kiddo!
Chim is doing really well and is obsessed with princesses. Seriously. We got her some princess playsets as a reward for doing so well with her medicine and since then that's all she can talk about or think about.

What's been going on with my doula life...
I'm still hoping to do my first postpartum doula job before we go away but if Mom is doing so well that she doesn't need me, well, that's not the worst thing in the world either!
I have a birth client lined up for early June -- a really nice couple expecting their fourth child!
I was flattered to be invited to the christening of a client's son and I'm happy to report that not only is the family doing very well, the roof of the church did not come crashing down on my head.
Last night I went to the VBAC support group at the Midwife Center. Even though there was only one attendee I am glad that I went.

What I've been thinking about, birth-wise...
I don't know if it's just the line of work I am now in, or the stage of life I'm in, but it seems like I'm hearing about a LOT fewer cesarean births. I feel like when I had Chim, everyone I knew had a cesarean birth as well, but other than my late-March client, I haven't heard of one in maybe a year! Has anyone else felt this way?
Lots of folks are talking about the pregnant man. I find this fascinating on a sociological/personal level but pretty boring on a biological level, which is the angle most people seem fixated on. It's be awesome to be his doula!
A large contingent of Amish descended on Harrisburg to protest the prosecution of midwife Diane Goslin. Somewhere in the mess of my desk I have information about a grass-roots group that is being organized in PA to advocate for homebirth midwifery, and I will share that when I can find it!

And a request for prayers and good thoughts for a local midwife who we learned this week has breast cancer.


Amy Mae said...

Is the grassroots group the one with

Karen said...

Amy, are you trying to get me to actually clean my desk!? ;)

OK, here it is -- I'll make a formal post later, but this is Pennsylvania Families for Safe Birth. I have also heard of Midwives Alliance of PA, which seems to be on "Dr" Amy's list.

kris said...

you could be right about the c/s thing. i'd like to see something more official, but i was noticing even in the news, the last couple of celebreties i've heard went w/o sections.

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