Welcome Baby J!!!

I am so thrilled for my wonderful friend, J. and her husband T., who welcomed their second child yesterday. Welcome to the world little boy -- you hit the mommy jackpot. And congratulations, my dear friend!!! I am beyond happy, beyond proud, and so wishing I lived closer so I could give you all a big hug!


jessicakts said...

Yay! Thanks! I wish I could unabashedly post all the mommy stuff on FB...right now it would be, "I feel the milk coming in..."

J is asleep on my chest. So sweet. :)

Karen said...

awww, that's great!!! i would love to give you a call and check in -- don't want to interrupt a nap!

jessicakts said...

heh, nap! no pattern at the moment, and i'm often away from my cell anyway, so feel free to risk it...or i will call you!