a good feeling

i have a client due 8/6 and i have a very good feeling about this couple. they are very prepared, and yet the mom-to-be is very nonplussed about the prospect of her upcoming labor. it's not that she is thinking it'll be no big deal... so maybe nonplussed is not correct. it's more that she recognizes she'll be experiencing something she's never experienced before, and there's no real sense in tying herself in knots about something she can neither anticipate accurately nor completely control once it happens.

a real type-a-go-with-the-flow kinda gal. reminds me of someone... oh yeah, me!!! so yes, i have a good feeling about this labor and birth, in no small part because i feel like this is a very well-matched birth team, with great communication, clear and high expectations, and (this always helps) a lot of laughs!

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