Doula Logistics....

... the child care edition.

This is definitely my biggest challenge, the part I hate. Who will watch the kids?

I'm very lucky that my husband works from home so if he's in town, it's an easy question to answer.

But... sometimes he travels. For work, for church, for fun.

He's traveling twice this month. I have a potential client who could deliver while he is gone.

So, the child care hunt begins. Who will be able to pick up the kids from school if I get a call at noon? Will that person have the proper car seats? Will the kids wig out if someone they don't know very well is there to take care of them? Will that person charge a high (if fair) price to watch all 3 kids that, if the birth goes for the typical 12-18 hours, will make it unprofitable for me to attend the birth? I love my job and if love would pay mortgages and childcare providers, I wouldn't mind!


Enjoy Birth said...

This is the hardest part for me too! For my birthday I had a friend ask me what I wanted. I said a coupon for watching my kids at a drop of the hat for a birth. I was her doula and she totally gets it. She gave me a coupon for exactly that. 1 birth out of 4 covered. ;)

I am the same way, when my DH is in town, it isn't bad, but when he is gone, it is stressful

Anonymous said...

Me too! Hate this. This is exactly why I only take 1 or 2 births a year. This last weekend dh and I went o/o town together and got to actually talk (gasp!) and he asked about my work and if I would like to do more yada yada... of course! But.. who would watch 3 kids, how could I pay them, *sigh* ah well. The time will come when things will change:) Nice to see I am not the only one;) ~Kris