Another Busy Week!

Happy 39th week to my client T! She'll be welcoming her little one shortly and I'm excited to be there. Her previous doula apparently had some mad Rebozo skills so I'm brushing up on mine... with my home-made Rebozo, which frankly is not great.

I'll be attending the Pittsburgh VBAC support group at the Midwife Center on Wednesday June 11 at 7pm, to discuss VBAC in general and how a doula can be particularly helpful when VBACing.

In family news, Chim is impressing us with her imagination and memory. She has named a toy with the first "real" name she's ever given one. Up until now, all her dolls and toys were named things like Frizza or Ooopalah, or Monkey or Puppy. Until she met a dragon named Greenie Pickles :) She's going on a field trip tomorrow and we hope she does well. It's hit or miss with her these days!

Badger is having his formal evaluation tomorrow with a speech therapist and developmental specialist. We're really looking forward to learning the results. He is getting much better about being read to and about finding non-verbal ways to communicate, and in an unrelated story, can blow bubbles... pretty well, actually!

And The Tiebreaker is still hangin' in there! I forget I'm pregnant from time to time. And I'm delighted about that! At this point with Badger, we were preparing for the worst since it really didn't look great from weeks 4-12!

On a final note... LET'S GO PENS! They're really hanging in there against the awesome Red Wings. But please, no more triple overtimes. This old lady is TIRED.


kris said...

i luv it, greenie pickles! when sis was 3 she named one of her stuffed bunnies tintila. i thought it was great:)

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