Contest Time! Beautiful BIRTH BEADS!

This is a contest for all the moms and childbirth professionals!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Write about your birth or a birth you've attended, or if you've not yet had the big birth day yet, your hopes for birth, in six words. This is borrowed from doulicia -- by way of my doula board! To play fair's fair, here are my births, in six words.
#1: watched pot, surgical, plenty of blame.
#2: textbook, instinctual, midwife, supported, strong, healing.

So leave a comment with your six words. Don't get caught up about being all poetical, I'm much more interested in your true recollections, or hopes. Please also pass the word along! I don't know how I'll pick a winner but whether it's deciding which speaks to most, or loving each of them so much that I have to employ that thing that Pioneer Woman uses, it'll be fair. Unless I decide to keep the prize myself, because just take a look:

These are Birth Beads and this bracelet is made by a doula who works with Heart & Hands. Aren't they beautiful!? And there is a lovely story behind the beads, as seen below. Don't you love the tiny feet and little picture frame? What a nice keepsake for a new mom, a special client, or heck, even yourself! If you love this bracelet as much as I do, why don't you give Ellen an email (egcc93 at hotmail dot com) and find out about guaranteeing you can have a bracelet of your own?

Pink- Between the mother …
A spark! Anew life has begun
Blue- And the father
In just three weeks,
The heart begins to beat
Two more months,
This is the exact size and shape of baby’s feet
Another month
Time to find out the sex? Or be surprised? Pink, blue, purple
After another month or so
Movements of the baby can be felt
You and the baby are growing
Soon will come Labor! Unpredictable, Beautiful
Moment in time
All leading to meeting your new child


I'll accept submissions until, say, 10pm EST on Wednesday September 24, and announce the winner Thursday September 25 (births and other life permitting!).

Good luck!


Jen said...

Surreal, Numbing, Draining, Hazed, Miracle, Thankful

Amy Mae said...

I'll just do my 3 births

1. impatient, pitocin, epidural, vacuum, what happened

2. ideal, home, comfort, empowering, amazing, healing

3. freight train, fast, difficult, support, stubborn

kris said...

#1-excited, naive, painful, pitocin, failure, cesarean.

#2-scared, another surgery, tears, another boy.

#3-determined, communication, surgery, support, fearless, girl:)

Becky said...

#1 amazing, c-section, face-up, big, girl, pain

#2 scheduled, love, family, easy, quick, glowing

Nicole D said...

my last two doula-births:

#1: dad freaked, mom weak, cut deep.
#2: powerfully gentle, sisters helpful, mother catching.

julie said...

Induction, assumptions, urgency, support, relief, serendipity.

Angela said...

nervous, pain, epidural, emergency c-section, first cry, miracle

Kristen said...

Natural, long awaited, suprising, exhaustion, elation

Kristi said...

induction, overzealous, scarring, disappointing, beautiful, painful

Jennifer said...

1. early, intratheical, suction, vacuum, jaundice, miracle
2. late, pain, fast, hard, girl, beautiful

Anonymous said...


Audrey said...


Maureen said...

Anticipated miracle, fast arrival, new family.

Christine said...







Anonymous said...

1. Difficult,no drugs,painful,beautiful miracle.

2.Faster,surprising,emotional,no drugs,blessing!

Maria said...

loving, peaceful, natural, PUSHING, beautiful BOY!

Katy said...

Induction, way too much pushing, bliss

Anonymous said...

1) first,unexpected, slow, tore bad, amazing

2)scheduled, one push, shock, not girl

3)surprise, fast, face up, last one


Jessica KTS said...

Saw her head in mirror forever!


Surprise, waiting, fast, slow, my girl.

Amanda Donaho Photography said...

Peaceful, Painful, Amazing, Humbling, Inspiring, Shocking

Heather said...

I'll sum both kids up in one.

"Everything I never knew I wanted"

Amazing, truly.

Tia said...

1)Late. Painful. Rips. Beautiful. Tears. Happiness.
2)Early. Fast. Fear. River. Endearing. Emotional.

Karen said...

Thanks everyone! I am still thinking, I've been trying to carve out time to really decide! What can I say, bedtime is 8pm, so I hope that by 9 I will have a "winner!"

Sarah said...

I love this idea for a contest and have loved reading the winners, even though the contest is long past. I know this seems like total spam, but I thought you might be willing to help me spread the word about another contest-- I work with a nonprofit that is sponsoring a contest with a $1000 prize for the best educational video about options during pregnancy and childbirth. It would be fantastic if you wanted to help us spread the word by blogging about it. Contest rules are here: or you can send people to the Facebook page here:

Sarah said...

p.s., my words, even though the contest is over:

1) (birth center birth with midwives, 2005): prodromal, despondent, exhausted, supported, scared, overjoyed.

2) (home water birth with midwife, 2007): gentle, painful, spiritual, water, floating, amazement

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