Jon Delano's Streaming RNC Webcast Chat

Here it is, my 15 minutes of fame.
Jon Delano's Streaming RNC Webcast Chat

I don't think I embarrassed myself too badly! There's one question at the very end when he asked about undecided voters I blanked and just started babbling. Of course I know undecided voters, Heather on the panel is one of them, and I know many more -- nice one, Karen!!!

But as I said, it sure was fun! As I mentioned earlier I felt a little out of my depths -- after all, the other guy blogs about politics and I blog about breastfeeding, vbacs, and if you're lucky, a three-year-old's temper tantrums.

OH, if you notice that I refer to Sarah Palin's children as "humans" -- that is totally my daughter's influence. She calls people "humans."

"Mama, look at that human! She has a pretty dress!"
"Shush, Chim, you don't want to blow our cover before the Mother Ship returns."


Joyce in the mts. said...

From one liberal doula to another...

Thank heavens you were there to speak, Karen! You represented well. Good for you!... and thanks for your doula work.

Braden said...

Hi Karen, you did very well. I enjoyed watching.

I am looking forward to doing it again (I was on this past Tuesday's webchat and it took a while for me to "relax"), perhaps we can "spar" a political thing or two. :)

No worries, you did just fine.

Best -

Karen said...

Thanks Joyce for the work you do as well.

And thanks Braden -- looking back at the video and after some friends have said that they didn't like the finger-wagging, I wish I had been more prepared for a "debate" as Steve said it was. I thought it was just a discussion when I went into it... and in fact until I read on his blog that he "won" the debate, it didn't occur to me, frankly. Like I said, this is not my line of work and public speaking is definitely not my forte. If you're having back labor, though, I'm your gal ;)

Braden said...

Not to pee on Steve's party ...


I didn't know it was a "debate" at all. I thought it was more on the lines of a discussion centering around the Republican National Convention.

Just my two cents.

Braden said...

One more thing:

I left my previous comment for Steve via his site.

I don't think his views on last night's discussion are entirely accurate in terms of it being a "debate," but he's free to view it as he pleases I guess.

He came off sort of egotistical to me.

kris said...

too cool!! what a great opportunity:)

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