Charlie the Wonder Baby

I hope you all are having a lovely winter holiday season. Our main holiday is Christmas and we had a really pretty low-key celebration -- perfect! We went to services on Christmas Eve, then out to dinner with friends and home to wait for Santa. Opened presents and then made the trip over the mountains to my parents' house where we celebrated with all my brothers, their families, and a cousin I've not seen in a good 6 years. The kids had a lovely time, especially THE BABY.

THE BABY was the hit of the weekend and everyone commented on how pleasant he is, how happy he is, how he clearly loves everyone and everything.


The opinion from some of those giving the praise was that he should already be eating solids, he should not be breastfeeding as much ("Oh, I don't want to give you back to your momma, you can't be hungry, you JUST ATE!"), we should not be cosleeping, and we babywear excessively and hold him too much. And ooooooooh boy, did you see that the child is not circumcised?!

So even though we're committing all those parenting 'mistakes' he's a lovely baby. He's delightful in spite of our failures.

No chance he's a happy little dude because he has no reason NOT to be happy?


jessicakts said...

Of all the things you mentioned here, I'm so glad you said that C is intact, b/c if we have a boy, he will be too...and it's a little awkward asking people about it b/c I don't want to offend either way. So, I'm feeling pretty good about it, but are there any care issues I should be aware of? Or are their little parts just fine being left alone? I feel pretty well informed, just wondering what someone's real life experience is. And you don't have to respond here if you don't want to.

Also...I love how everyone else knows what's best for your baby! Didn't they see any connection between your parenting and his happy attitude? :)

And...I agree, if you are still staggering through the day without much sleep, probably a good plan not to work yet. Especially not in such a sensitive situation as someone's birth. I think you'll know when you're ready.

I can't believe C is 5 months old! Wow!


Karen said...

Jess, yup, both boys have their whole bits still! Or as I. calls them, their tails :) I haven't encountered any issues at all -- you're not supposed to retract the foreskin so we just wipe it as usual. I've found the boys generally easier to maintain than I., albeit with more getting peed upon.

I know, 5 months! It's FLYING.

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