Chim at two and a half

This properly should've been done on April 18 -- but I've never claimed to be proper. I am so impressed that the dooce writer does this every month!

My daughter is 2 1/2. Every day she just amazes us with how much fun she is. Even when she's being a total pill, she's fun. At least, funny. Her memory is astonishing. My mom visited last week, and got Im the "pretty flower dress" that started this whole boycott of all that is not a dress. Yesterday she said that she wanted to wear the pretty flower dress that Grandma made (made, bought, whatever.). She further told me that Grandma went home. To Granddad. On the bus. Not just any bus, mind you. The big bus. I love that she processes information and retains it, and makes it her own.

Her sleeping is now fine -- whatever nightmare she had last week is worked through, I guess. She does such a wonderful job of playing with Badger (usually) and she loves to sing him songs -- and he is her biggest fan. She is great at taking turns AND making sure Badger gets a turn too. Chim loves to talk on the phone to my parents and on the webcam to my inlaws.

I feel so honored to get to be able to know her better than anyone else. I know that before too long she's going to be caught up in her world of friends, and then activities, and then -- oh shit -- boys, and then go to college, and then who knows what. But for the past 30 months and for as long as I can, I am so lucky to be her person. She likes her dad, too, of course. But let's call a spade a spade, here, folks. Chim loves her mama and her mama loves her.


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