Terrifying yellow orb in the sky

The weather has FINALLY turned pleasant! I'm so excited, and no, I just can't hide it. The weather had been crappy since the husband went to Boston on a business trip 2 weeks ago, so I'm psyched. I was starting to be a little pessimistic if you can believe that.

Badger's first Easter was fine -- really though, since we're heathens it didn't amount to much of a holiday. Friends (and my first doula clients!) over for dinner on Saturday, and Chim hunted for many many candy-filled eggs the next day. The candy is almost gone, thanks to Mom and Dad sneaking chocolate out of her "pick-it" bowl.

We decided to throw every sleep strategy in the book at the Badger Boy last week during my mom's visit. We call it the House method of parenting. So it's either the Ferber-for-wimps that we used with Chim, the teething tablets, starting solids (rice was a no-go but he likey sweet potatoes), going to 2 naps from 3, or a later bedtime. But he's taken at least one, more often two, hour-plus naps a day for the past 4 days. And he has only needed to eat once a night for a week. I'm sure any progress with sleep will fall apart for no evident reason any moment now.

Chim, our formerly great sleeper, has been having a really terrible stretch of bad sleeping the past few days -- no naps, up at night. We all have a cold so that might be a factor but SWEET mother of pearl. We are finally getting to sleep for 4 hours at a time with Badger, and Chim starts up! Other than that she's adorable, she likes dresses now, and she knows that a triceretops has three horns. So, yes, she's brilliant.

So that's about all the excitement here. Notice how all my thoughts revolve around sleep. How sad.


K Hibbetts said...

Your thoughts revolve around sleep because of your lack of it.

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