My Freeform Day

I used to have a fairly strict schedule for myself when I was childless and even when I was a new mom to Chim. Now that we've added Badger and Chim goes to daycare/preschool 3 days a week, I'm much more laid back and even though I don't get much done, I think it's OK. It's weird to think that 4 years ago, I probably would've been to the gym first thing, scarfed breakfast, took a train to work, killed myself in my cubicle, and would've just been done eating lunch at my desk by 1pm.

Here's what I've done today:
1. Fed Badger. Many times.
2. Watched "Ellen" I taped yesterday
3. Assembled the Exersaucer
4. Did dishes
5. Sterilized pacifiers
6. Sterilized humidifier
7. Put Badger down for 2 of 3 naps
8. Noticed we're nearly out of bread
9. Surfed the web and my message boards.

What I plan to do yet today:
1. Bake bread so I don't have to go out and buy it
2. Feed Badger. Many times.
3. Pick Chim up from daycare -- today is her rescheduled Valentine's Day party (it was postponed due to snow last week) and I want to grab any chokerific candy before she gets it
4. Get dressed. Hopefully before I pick up the kiddo at daycare. I don't want to be *that mom.*
5. Move the thank you notes to the living room so I have any chance of writing them. Yes, thank you notes for gifts received upon the birth of my son, 4 months ago. Leave me alone about it.

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