Go me, Go me, It's my birthday, It's my birthday...

So it's that day. I'm 33 -- which means Brother T is 41 today, so that makes things brighter for me today. I'm not a big birthday girl. I love ChimChim's birthday and I'm sure I'll love Badger's too, but birthdays for grownups seem a little silly.

My husband told me to put cake ingredients on our grocery list so "we" could make a cake for tonight. I wonder who this mysterious "we" might be? I feel like Henny Penny sometimes.

I was going to go shopping to celebrate this weekend but our cars are both fritzing. I have several gift cards for Target burning a hole in my pocket but I just can't clothes shop with the kids. Of course they're demanding -- they're children! So my husband was going to watch BOTH kids. At the same time. At home. By himself (well, maybe recruit one of his friends for backup). Badger is not so in love with the bottle (another post altogether), so this would've been interesting. But as it is, we have another week at least to get him to take nourishment from something that is not ME.

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