Good days and bad days...

So yesterday was a 'bad' day. My little Badger doesn't sleep through the night, which is fine. Fine fine fine. It's ideal but I can handle it most days. But yesterday? The child would. Not. Nap. I tried to put him down for naps at least 5 times... and he slept for maybe an hour all told! I was cranky and exhausted, and I was in good company. I wish he was more consistent and happier.

I feel so lost with this dear child some times. I had such a challenging pregnancy with him, and we are so delighted that he is here, and whole, and safe. Then I had a wonderful, unmedicated, vbac to bring him into the world. And now he has had such a challenging infancy! Now, ChimChim... she had an ideal pregnancy, the labor from hell, and a perfectly wonderful infancy. I think I could have a dozen kids and still not figure these little weirdos out!

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