Cars. Hate hate hate them!!!

It's insane what horrible luck we have with cars. We have a 2000 Ford Windstar (shut up -- it's good to have the extra room) and a 2000 Honda Civic (which will be paid off in September -- woot.). The oxygen sensor on the Ford (the bit that measures the oxygen/fuel ratio) was fritzing out for a while, but our awesome mechanic has been putting mini-fixes on it since May of last year. He said, though, that when the check engine light comes on AND our fuel economy takes a turn for the worse, it's time to bring it in. So it did. And then the following Thursday, the tire was flat. Freakin' great.

So we switch the carseats to the Civic. Ah, the trusty, sturdy, Civic. My husband drove Chim to daycare, and at the end of the day I hop in the car to pick her up. And guess what. Check Engine. Check this, dude. I see that the old bitch is due for an oil change in about 500 miles so we're hoping that it's just the oil and fluids need to be changed. But the smell is a little terrifying.

Just to emphasize... we have no vehicle. We went from two vehicles to zero in 7 hours. Not cool. My birthday shopping trip is postponed because our awesome mechanic can't fit us in until Tuesday. Which is today.

We bring the Honda in and you will never guess what needs to be replaced. Goddamn oxygen sensors. On both vehicles, this is what needs to be replaced. We paid half of what is owed on the Honda on repairs today. Fucking great.

There's no real point to this. I am extra cranky today. I did have a good day with the kids -- until about 4pm when I was starting dinner, Badger was crying because the dear had hardly slept at all, and Chim doesn't see why the floor of our galley kitchen is a terrible place to color. And then she starts crying. And then Badger starts crying harder. And everything is very, very loud. But I got Badger to take a little naplet while we ate, so he was OK until his bedtime.

Now both kids are in bed, and I'm trying to wind down by catching up on some TV.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the Ukranian or Armenian or whatever (not like their accents reflect on anything except they're stupid) cousins on The Amazing Race? Hate them more than I hate our Ford. Hate them more than Boston Rob. Maybe TV wasn't the best relaxation strategy???

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