Doula Training

I'm currently training to be a certified labor doula, and I signed up today to attend some childbirth education classes as an observer. It should be interesting -- I've not taken a hospital class and it'll be beneficial to see what most women in the area learn. I've taken my main doula training already... it was a pretty exhausting 2 days, with Badger in tow. Other than the CBE classes, I need to attend 3 births and various other requirements and then I can be a certified doula.

I'm looking forward to Badger being big enough that I can leave him at home for 36 or so hours. Because that probably means he's sleeping through the night and taking a bottle... which he's 0 for 2 at now!

Being a doula is a path I was set on while preparing for Badger's VBAC. I felt like such a success after that experience and it would be an honor to help others feel the same way.

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