Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

So they've reverted to the previous guidelines for breast cancer screenings:
New guidelines back mammograms starting at age 40

One of the things that really bothered me was that previously they were backing off the aggressive screenings, and even recommendations of self-exams, because of false positives causing anxiety. I found this to be really condescending and contradictory.

Prenatal screenings have a HUGE false positive rate -- we received false positives for various ailments for both boys. Did those screenings cause "anxiety"? You better believe it. Would insurance pay for for the screenings and the more invasive tests? Yes it would have. But the guidelines for breast and cervical cancers that have been fiddled with recently are held to a different standard for some reason.

This line of thinking is tied, in some way, to the 30% or higher cesarean section rate -- the fact that a woman's right to make her own decisions about her bodily integrity is compromised by doctor's fear of litigation for a poor outcome in obstetrics. But frankly -- since the sun is not up and Charlie is not that great at sleeping in his own bed after his first wake up, I'm too tired to unravel it. But Charlie's cute enough that I forgive him.

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