Totally stupid slideshow -- 5 Delicious Pre-Prepped Snacks For Postpartum Guests

5 Delicious Pre-Prepped Snacks For Postpartum Guests

OK -- the recipes do sound good. How about retitling the slideshow, "5 Delicious Snacks to Bring to a Postpartum Mom"?

Seriously -- a new mom should NOT be playing hostess. Anyone who crosses the threshold without food in their hands or the intention of doing a load of laundry or occupying older siblings for a few hours so mom can have some rest... not cool.

After Charlie was born -- I have to say, having my folks here was not the greatest help simply because my mom was in between gallstone attack and gall bladder removal. We spent more time taking care of them than ourselves. Not great. The friends and family who did come with a bag of bagels (yah, Julie!) or who would take the big kids out for a few hours (thx Aunt T and Uncle M!!!) were invaluable.

Postpartum depression is a real thing that some women will have to deal with regardless of the system of support they have in place but other women are rendered more susceptible by exhaustion.


jessicakts said...

Wow, that is SO lame! I don't think I have ever served bruschetta, let alone post partum. And I really could care less if anyone thinks I'm a good hostess during that time. :)

jessicakts said...

I mean, I couldn't care less. I'm an English teacher, yeah.

Vanessa the Pittsburgh Doula said...

Wow, this is completely and utterly ridiculous. Sure, I'll make this stuff... AND EAT IT MYSELF!!! I have a hard enough time convincing clients and students to freeze meals before their baby is born, I can't imagine if they read they also have to prep them for guests.

My answer to postpartum guests always was- sure you're welcome anytime, as long as you're up for seeing me topless and cleaning a bathroom. LOL