Results are in!

The results of my contest are in -- and thank you all for commenting! Suffice it to say, 26 comments did not break the bank although it was I believe a record for my sad, neglected, maternity-left blog! The donation to Yele was MORE than $2.60 because really, that'd just be sad. I unfortunately couldn't specify an "in honor of" donation. came up with comment #9 as the winner -- Doula Amy! Aaaand unfortunately she left no contact information, so Doula Amy, send me your information, and I will send you some cookies! I think I know which Doula Amy it is but there is more than one.

The news coming out of Haiti is so horrific and shocking -- but underneath, and exacerbating, the dramatic misery is the steady misery of extreme poverty. As it has been said countless times in the past week, Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, but extreme poverty is not isolated to Haiti. Please visit End Poverty 2015 to learn more about this ongoing issue.

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