Cesarean Art

This is a collection of the artwork of a woman after her cesarean birth. I know that I identified with some pieces after Chim was born. I also know that not all women have such negative experiences during and after cesarean births and that it's not always unnecessary. However after mine, it was amazing to find that someone else was feeling the same way.

Some of the images are disturbing and graphic -- fair warning!


This one, entitled "postpartum," is so beautiful and haunting.
edited to add -- Badger saw this and said, "Sad mommy hurts baby." I added this not only because I wanted to show off his mad verbal skillz, but also because it gave me pause about how perceptive such a youngster is and how it's no wonder why there is such shame attached to postpartum depression -- no mom wants people to think she's wanting to hurt her baby!

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