AROM not recommended for shortening of first stage of labor

Amniotomy for shortening spontaneous labor

On the basis of the findings of this review, we cannot recommend that amniotomy be introduced routinely as part of standard labor management and care. We do recommend that the evidence presented in this review be made available to women offered an amniotomy and suggest that it may be useful as a foundation for discussion and any resulting decisions made between women and their caregivers.

I'm glad to see this although I don't think this is news per se. It's still surprising to me when I hear the resident explain to a client "what we'll do" during her uncomplicated, progressing-just-fine labor, including, "And then we'll just break your water." Most of my clients have a strong preference not to have their water broken as a matter of routine if their labors are not stalled out, and the research they've done before labor gives them the confidence to tell the doctor that they don't want their water broken as a routine intervention.

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