Circumcision and STDs

Circumcised men no less likely to get sex diseases

Circumcision does not appear to shield men from the types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) common in the developed world, according to new research from New Zealand.

I know this is a sensitive topic, circumcision. I know I breathe a sigh of relief when a doula client says they're having a girl because I don't have to talk about circumcision!!! But I think it's hard to talk about because it's important. This is one "check" erased from the "pro" column in the circumcision debate.

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kris said...

it is a sensative topic, i didn't circ my boys. and my cousin didn't do her boy either, but recently discovered that his had grown intact (is that how you say it?) so he now has to have it done at the age of 5(!) poor kid. i honestly need to do more reading about it, i don't know as much as i should.