Baby Boy P's Birth Story

OK -- I started to write the birth story but it's such a peculiar story that I felt I was violating confidentiality.

So the basics: Mom's water broke Wednesday morning, started labor naturally at the birth center but transfered to hospital Thursday morning for augmentation. Baby born shortly after midnight on Friday. No c-section -- a miracle!

Here's what I took from the birth -- as I concluded their birth story:
This birth was a truly amazing experience for me – although I surely wish it had not been so difficult for [client]! I absolutely learned new things and it was amazing to get to work with three of the midwives, plus the student midwife, in the course of one birth. Seeing the effects of Nubain firsthand was certainly a learning experience and I knew so little about amnioinfusion, and had never heard of a velamentous cord insertion before.

More than any of this, though, I am honored to have been part of this birth because I saw a woman become a mom through hard work and force of will, and a man become a dad as he firmly advocated for his wife. I learned that sometimes one can do everything just absolutely correctly – take all the responsible prenatal steps to ensure the safest, most satisfying, birth – but sometimes things just don't fall into place the way we think they will. However, I saw a couple become a family by staying flexible when they needed to be and remaining firm for the things that truly mattered.

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