Cloth Diapers in Pittsburgh

This article was in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Better for baby? New cloth diapers also kinder on planet, advocates say

The old cloth vs. disposable diaper debate is flaring up again as a new generation of eco-friendly products are starting to toddle into the mainstream.

If I could go back in time 4 years when I was newly pregnant with Chim Chim, I would totally go for cloth. I didn't know cloth diapers were so cute and easy these days. By the time I knew better, I was expecting Badger and I didn't think I could commit to learning a new system while caring for a newborn and a toddler. Again, I should've just done it!

Now, Chim Chim is all but potty trained (her recent adventures in impacted bowels notwithstanding) but Badger probably has another 18 months in diapers, minimum. It's not out of the realm of possibility that we'll have a third child so they may get plenty of use after Badger. Perhaps I should take the plunge now -- what do you think?


Molly said...

I would enthusiastically encourage anyone to look into cloth diapering, even as a relatively late-in-the-game switch. Washing them is just not a big deal (it might even be an easier adjustment to start with an older baby because there are so many fewer dirty/wet diapers than with a newborn), and it's really not very expensive to get started with a few dozen prefolds, a few diaper covers (we like wool ones with snaps so our son doesn't just undo the velcro), a few dozen flannel wipes, several doublers, and of course a Snappi. And it's easy to fall in love with them. (It sounds weird, I know--but so cute, so soft ...)

kris said...

let us know what you decide:0)

are your daughters issues solved now??

Karen said...

Thanks Kris! Yes, my daughter is now doing SO much better. I'm glad we decided to take her to the doctor instead of fiddling with her diet ourselves, since we thought she needed MORE iron and LESS fiber. She's right as rain and getting LOTS of rewards for doing so well on the potty.

And I can *totally* see myself getting addicted to cloth, Molly -- they are just adorable and so so so comfy looking. And, my son is a skinny string bean so maybe a cloth diaper would help keep his pants UP for once! I think I may try to find some on sale or on diaper swappers or something and give it a try.

Kristi said...

DO IT! I'll let you borrow my old cloth to try it out!