Looking for Babywearing Recommendations...

What was your favorite way to wear your newborn? I never did except for a few brief times I put the babes in the Bjorn (I have to say, I really liked the dummy-proofness of that!) but I'd like to be better versed in a wider variety so I can recommend them to clients.

I love the mei tai but I never ever felt like a small one was secure.


Molly said...

I absolutely loved my New Native sling from the time my son accepted the whole sling concept at about two and a half weeks, until he was around ten months old. Breastfeeding in the New Native was easy (and discreet, if modesty is an issue), so I got to walk around like a real grown-up human being even with my enthusiastic nurser. Also, this sling folds up TINY to go in a diaper bag, and you don't have to fuss with any adjustments. If a woman and her partner are significantly different sizes, though, they'd need two different sizes of the sling.

Now (he's over one and a half) we're all in love with our Beco (sort of like an Ergo but much less frumpy--apologies to any Ergo-lovers ...).

I know many people also adore MayaWraps. Unfortunately, my ten-month-old almost immediately figured out how to loosen the sling at the rings while thrusting his legs down straight to escape, rendering it useless. With a less wily child, they might be great. (I think that's a pretty unusual problem; the women at the boutique where we went for help were quite surprised at his mad skills.)

amelia said...

I got a Moby Wrap with my third and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Especially during the first few months although I still use it quite a bit. I alternate between the Moby, the Ellaroo wrap, and a Mei Tai these days. Plus it is only 40 bucks--so relatively inexpensive compared to all the other wraps out there.