Xtina and breastfeeding

OK, so I was less-than-generous in my words about Christina Aguilera's elective cesarean. I'll make up for it now in some small part for applauding her for breastfeeding little Max:
Xtina: Breastfeeding is Best

I agree that breastfeeding can be a great way to shed the pounds. Hopefully moms will also be eating really well during this time of their lives, which can surely help not only weight loss (it really is just a number) but overall fitness and health for moms and babies!

Myself? I lost the weight OK each time but after the second... well, this is where "it's just a number" is very true. The number is where it used to be... but that's about IT. Oh well, thankfully I have a toddler attached to my boob half the time -- it helps hide my jelly belly :) Thanks Badger!

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Sheridan said...

Interesting. I lost weight BF after baby 1 and 3, but not baby 2. I wonder how common that is?