Post Partum Doulas, part 2

My client who had her baby on Thursday expressed an interest in my services as a postpartum doula... but I'm not trained. I am leaning more and more towards taking the training this summer because I feel very sad that this client values the relationship we've developed and I am not trained to continue serving her when she needs it (and recovering from major surgery when you have a 3 day old baby, she very well may need it!).


Sheridan said...

You could offer to be her post partum doula at a reduced rate (from trained pp doulas) to see if it is something you enjoy. Then you would know if you should do the training.

I feel the same way, I already have this great relationship, if they want more I want to be able to help. One day, when my baby is bigger. :)

Karen said...

I think I probably would, if I wasn't part of a group of doulas! Also, I really am not 100% sure what the scope of practice is for a post partum doula, and I need to learn more.

I do so miss the clients after I'm done, and a short visit postpartum doesn't seem enough!